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In fast pace Infrastructure development and shortage of skilled labor, more and more construction companies, builders and developers are deploying Construction Equipment and machinery to fasten project and save cost. Kaizen Solar Technologies offers state of the art and latest construction equipment and machinery. Kaizen Solar has a very strong line-up of product in this vertical.

Concrete Vibratory Paver / Leveler

Machine can be used for all sort of Paving & leveling applications e.g. Concrete Roads, concrete smooth industrial surfaces. The Concrete Vibratory Paver is specially designed for concrete surfaces with high efficiency. It is a combines the operation of leveler and Vibrator.

Concrete Vibratory Paver can be used for all type of Concrete laying operations, where the concrete laying is upto the thickness of 300mm.The machines operation makes it highly efficient thereby reducing the manual labor and the time for concrete laying.

Power Trowel

Power trowels, also known as power floats, are used to achieve a quick and perfect leveled finish on small and large concrete surfaces.

A Power Trowel is used to create a level, smooth finish on a large, flat area of concrete, such as an interior floor, or a poured patio slab for a deck. They use single or multiple blades that rotate in a safety cage. You can use a pushable concrete power trowel or riding model based on the size of your job.

Walk behind Trowel or Pushable concrete power trowel

Walk behind Trowel is used for finishing the concrete surfaces. This is faster and precise way of constructing leveled smooth finish of concrete surfaces. Highly recommended for plant shop floors, workshops, warehouses, parking lot, and concrete roads etc. trowel is highly efficient compared to doing the same job with the manual labor.

Walk Behind Power Trowel has long life coupled with greater efficiency for the smooth finish of the Concrete Flooring. These are powered by high efficient HONDA diesel engines. The trowel blades are made of high quality steel giving them longer life. The trowels are designed light but with high quality steel and the spirals, that gives it ease of operation and longer life span.

Ride on Trowel

Ride on Trowel improves the finishing of the concrete flooring jobs. This is one man operation and being operated by single person with screw adjuster. The concrete Floor Finish with Ride on Trowel is very smooth and done very efficiently.

The Ride-on Trowel improves the working efficiency for concrete surface Flooring.

Salient Features:
  • Ride-on operation reduces the labor job and increase work efficiency.
  • Ride-on Trowel gives better compaction compared to walk-behind power trowel.
  • Two blades work in parallel without over lap
  • The movement is smooth with the two control bars. Easy to maneuver the Ride-on Trowel.
  • With low centre of Gravity the Ride-on trowel is very sturdy in operations.
  • It can be shut down with single button, ensuring the safety of the operations.

Concrete Truss Screeds

Concrete Truss Screeds are designed for precise strike-off and consolidation of concrete surfaces where flat surface is critical requirement. The simple assembly based on truss and bolts makes it easy to assemble at the site. T-bolt adjuster makes for quick, precise adjustments for flat, crowned or inverted strike -off.

Concrete / Road Cutter

Concrete / Road Cutter is used for industrial floor groove cutting or road maintenance work. This cut the Concrete / Concrete road or Bitumen Road for the repairs to be carried out.

The Concrete cutters are operated as walk behind machines. These use high quality toughened steel rotary blades for ease of operations. These can be driven by Electric motor or the Engines. These have built-in water tank for the cutting operation requirement. The Cutters can be fitted with Rotary Cutters of 350~500 mm Diameter.

Tamping Rammer

Tamping Rammer is used for compacting and solidifying the fresh cut earth, filled up earth, under floor concreting work. This is used for re-filling of tunnel grouting, post-piling ramming and road paving etc.

Tamping rammers are designed to deal with the rough site operative condition, they are well balanced, easy to operate, low maintenance with excellent maneuverability in trenches.

Vibratory Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor is a Vibratory compaction Machine, mainly used for every application from footings to paving stones and patios. They can be used for compacting house foundation, sub base preparation for backyard, streets, lean concrete, road concrete and Bitumen Roads.

Vibratory Plate Compactor is unidirectional (forward motion) compactor, can compact upto the depth of 30Omm. Vibratory Plate Compactors are powered by electric motor / diesel engines. The compactor plates made of made of Cast Iron and are durable having long service life.

Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Rollers are used for compacting application in the construction activities. This vibrator has edge over normal traditional static vibrator those do not vibrate. This vibrates and applies heavy force, which help in compacting the surface and made it ready for further applications. These can be used for sub-base preparation in Road making, gravel compacting, making tracks, road repairs, compacting of the commercial Industrial building base etc.

Bar Bending Machine

Bar bending machine is one kind of steel bar processing machine, widely used construction building field. It constituted by the motor, gear, operation disc, breaker and machine body. This machine is able to bend ribbed steel bar diameter from 6mm to 32mm/36mm/38mm/40mm/45 mm/50 mm/60 mm, with various shapes using in construction project. According to bending capacity, it can be classified GW42, GW50 model bar bending machine with automatic, PLC.

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