KaiSuitcase – Electricity in Suitcase

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KaiSuitcase – Electricity in Suitcase

KaiSuitcase is Hybrid Solar PV Module in suitcase. It is a Power Pack, which is charged with the the help of solar panels and can also be charged by normal grid power/ electricity. It is portable, can be used to quickly setup a small office or home in the area where electricity is not available. This doesn’t require the normal solar power generation set-up, as it is ready to use. You can just Plug in your Desktop, Printer, TV, Small appliances like TV, Fridge etc.

No installation, portable and Hybrid Energy source make KaiSuitcase many indoor and outdoor application.


PV Module

As per Requirement


300 W- 2000W


Li Battery

Connected Load

50W – 1500W

Backup Duration

90 Hours to 1.5 Hours

Dust Resistant and Water Proof