Solar Irrigation

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Solar Irrigation

Kaizen Solar Irrigation solutions are based on harnessing Solar Power to Pump Water. Pumping water is a universal need around the world and the use of photovoltaic power is increasing for this application. There are still regions in the world, where don’t have wide access to power grid electricity or where the reliability of electricity is low. Meanwhile solar modules are becoming less expensive and there are more and more useful application for them.

Our solutions have multiple applications likes of

  • Irrigation
  • Village Water Supply
  • Stock Watering
  • Drinking water
  • Agriculture related use
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Poultry farming
  • High value crops
  • Orchard
  • Farming

Solar Water Pumps

The Solar Pumping system serves to provide water in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unavailable or unreliable. The system pumps water using a high voltage DC power source such as a photovoltaic array of solar modules, since the sun is only available during certain hour of a day and only in good weather conditions, the water is generally pumped into storage pool or water tank for further usage.

The Solar Pumping System mainly consists of PV array, Mounting System, Combiner Box, Solar Pump Controller, Submersible AC Pump, Line Reactor, Liquid Level Switch and Solar Cables.

This System does not have storage batteries, completely powered by Solar Energy, thus realizing a cost-effective purpose. An appropriate water tank can be prepared to store water for later use. High-efficient AC Submersible Pump is used for the system, satisfying different requirements.

The system is characterized by Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, regulating the working of the pump automatically to obtain maximum generated energy for the system.

The system can be designed for pump capacities varying from 0.5 kW ~ 40 kW.

More compressive Solar based Water Solution using AC or DC pumps can be designed based on the requirement , even with storage based solutions with ‘On-Grid’ or ‘Off-Grid’.

  • The system can be made suitable for DC or AC pumps as per the need and requirements.
  • The System can be used at remote location with uneven grid or no grid.
  • Can be used for drip water irrigation system
  • Can be used as water supply for the households in remote and small habitats
  • Can be coupled with RO to get the drinking water solutions for small Habitat.